Premier Solutions Group, a leading employment solution firm, has developed a unique model that sets the firm apart from other employment companies. At Premier, we offer a full service approach that features Premier Workforce (benefited) and Premier Gold (non-benefited) employment options to meet any client’s needs. This two-pronged approach enables Premier to deliver the perfect solution – matching the candidate’s skills and capabilities to any employer’s strategic resourcing and staffing requirements.

Premier Solutions Group was founded in 2006 and built on a foundation of providing long-term and short-term contract employment options to support private and public sector clients’ staffing needs. As a strategic partner, Premier Solutions Group maintains an acute awareness of clients’ workforce requirements and provides trained and experienced personnel to staff technical, professional and clerical positions

With Premier Solutions Group, clients have the flexibility they need to staff any short or longer-term requirements and directly manage all costs that drive payroll expenses.

Why Choose Premier?

Premier Solutions Group offers a full service approach to meet client needs. As a fully engaged partner, we going by taking tie to fully understand our clients’ organizational goals. That knowledge provides a solid foundation for developing the perfect employment scenario. Our Premier Workforce and Premier Gold employment models, or a combination of both, provide flexible solutions that allow clients to react quickly and efficiently as they navigate their way though any tough economic situation.

The Premier Workforce plan affords clients the option to provide placed workers an hourly wage, plus a full benefits package that includes healthcare coverage and 401k savings plan, which is managed by Premier Solutions Group. Premier Workforce is an ideal solution for longer-term employment scenarios.

The Premier Gold plan allows clients to provide workers a competitive hourly wage without adding the cost of benefits. Premier Gold plan is perfect for meeting short-term and project-oriented staffing needs.

Both Premier Solutions Group models allow clients to directly supervise and manage our professionals placed on-site. Our qualified specialists are prepared to step in and make an immediate and positive impact on our client’s operations because they are fully engaged and focused on being an integral member of our clients’ team. At Premier, our goal is to ensure our clients have the right person, in the right place, at the perfect time. Our employment models deliver solutions that help clients maintain high standards while achieving cost savings for any budget.

Client Advantages

  • Direct management of Premier placed staff
  • Increased departmental efficiency
  • Better deployment of staff
  • Flexibility to allocate partial or all staff to model
  • Reduced employment costs
  • Reduced staff turnover rates
  • Reduce Human Resources costs
  • Improved bottom line

Employee Advantages

  • Competitive salary and benefits
  • Professional development and growth
  • Career path within Premier Solutions Group
  • Flexibility for placement