On August 8th, 2018 Premier Solutions Group had a recognition ceremony for two of our Premier Solutions employees who work at Racine County Juvenile Detention, Jazmin Rivera and Vanessa Perez, for going above and beyond their work duties in their willingness and exemplary efforts to serve as interpreters for a juvenile and his parent and for establishing communication with the juvenile, parent and the Detention staff. Both Jazmin and Vanessa were recognized by Premier Solutions on today for going above and beyond their duties with a recognition ceremony where they each were presented with a certificate and a gift card.

“We had a juvenile brought in, yesterday from Burlington, on a charge the DA’s office has since dropped. The juvenile was from Honduras, and didn’t speak any English. Imagine the juvenile’s fear of being locked up, and not able to communicate. Vanessa Perez, your recent employee and Jazmin Rivera stepped in as interpreters and allowed us to communicate with the juvenile. When he was brought to us his parent wasn’t notified, due to the language barrier. Because of Jazmin and Vanessa we were able to establish communication with the juvenile’s dad. Jazmin stayed with the juvenile until his dad got here to pick him up. This kind of stuff can’t be found in a job description….I really appreciate they went above and beyond their duties.”
Michael A Hollow, 1st Shift Supervisor
Racine County Juvenile Detention Center