Premier Gold

Premier Gold offers employment solutions for business and governmental clients seeking a more dynamic and productive workplace with better control of budgetary costs.

Our Premier Gold staffers are skilled professionals who have worked in a range of industries and provided short and long-range planning and consulting services to organizations from small business concerns to larger governmental agencies. Each prospective candidate is thoroughly screened and vetted prior to meeting our client, who makes the final hiring decision for any assignment. Premier Gold is an ideal plan for short-term projects as well as longer, more permanent placement scenarios.

Our professionals working under the Premier Gold plan are placed with clients on an hourly or project fee basis, with no benefits package offered. Our pricing model for the Premier Gold plan is much different than traditional out-sourcing models. Rather than offering a variable pricing structure, premier gold offers a standard percentage rate of the hourly fee per resourced staff placed. In other words, we have a set fee no matter what the skill set or level of experience. In most cases, the Premier Gold model delivers staff resources more cost effectively than most company’s internal resources.

At Premier Solutions Group, our goal is to strengthen our clients' bottom line!